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The Tate Modern, London

Last month members of the Studio of the South team had the opportunity to visit the Tate Modern in London.  Crossing the bridge over to the Tate Modern, we saw the words on the building “Enjoy Great Art for Free” and knew we were in the right place.  Housed in a former power station building, the Tate Modern is expansive with soaring ceilings and large rooms. While you could easily make a day of exploring all that the Tate Modern has to offer, we spent most of our time on level 3 in Poetry and Dream as well as Material Gestures and on level 5 in States of Flux. Observing …..

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At Home with the Artists

One of the best ways to get in touch with artists and their work is to see where they lived.  Today the homes of many famous artists have been made into museums which give tours so that visitors can see the environment where artists created some of their most famous works.  One of the most famous artist homes and studios is the home of Claude Monet in Giverny, France.  Here visitors can wander through his famous gardens, over the Japanese footbridge and gaze at floating water lilies as if to set foot in one of his paintings.  His most famous scenes captured on canvas exist to this day in addition …..

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