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Fabriano Paper and Michelangelo

The town of Fabriano lies in the Esino valley in the Ancona province in the region of Marche, Italy.  It is known as one of the earliest European towns to make high-quality paper on an industrial scale.  Even today, it still holds its reputation as a fine watermarked paper company. Since 1264, the Fabrino paper mill has been making high-quality paper and is credited with being “the cradle of the production of modern paper.”  The key behind Fabrino’s importance in European paper production lies in its location near Ancona, an important port open to trade with the Arab world. The Fabriano paper mill is responsible for many of the innovations …..

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Announcing the Raphael Gallery

  • November 20, 2009
  • Raphael
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The Studio of the South is proud to announce the new Raphael Gallery as our latest addition to our suite of sites dedicated to the life and work of famous artists.  The newly expanded Raphael Gallery contains a wealth of information on Raphael’s biography as well as Raphael’s paintings including some of his most famous such as The School of Athens, The Transfiguration and Raphael’s Madonnas.  In addition, visit the Raphael gallery and learn about the artists who influenced Raphael Sanzio like Fra Bartolomeo, Pietro Perugino and other Studio of the South artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.  Visit the Raphael Gallery today and continue to check back as …..

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