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Announcing the New Michelangelo Gallery

We are proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Michelangelo Gallery!  If you haven’t visited the Michelangelo Gallery in a while, you will notice that significant updates have been made to the design of the site.  The redesigned logo along with the new look and feel of the website combine to enhance the site and improve the user experience.  Besides the aesthetic advancements, the addition of a Google custom search makes finding the information that you are looking for on Michelangelo even easier.  In addition, more images and a rotating banner of Michelangelo’s famous works including The Creation of Adam, David, The Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Pieta, and The Last Judgment help bring the art of this great master to life.  Thank you to The Net Impact for helping us to make these improvements in our new web design.  Visit the new Michelangelo Gallery!

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