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Caravaggio and Fillide Melandroni

On one hand Baroque master, Caravaggio, rubbed elbows with wealthy and powerful people such as the Borghese family and Cardinal del Monte, and on the other he befriended what would be considered a more unsavory bunch including Fillide Melandroni. Fillide was born in Siena in 1581. She later moved to Rome and entered into a career of prostitution by the age of only 16.  Fillide was one of Rome’s most well-known and successful prostitutes, sought after by the elite of Rome. During the 16th century prostitution was a prominent feature, though a moral dilemma, of Rome’s landscape and one that was enjoyed even by the noblemen of the day. Caravaggio …..

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Caravaggio in Naples

In 1606, Caravaggio fled to Naples from Rome after killing a man.  While seeking safety with the Colonna family in Naples, Caravaggio earned a commission which would later prove to be one of his most defining works, The Seven Works of Mercy (Sette Opere di Misericordia). Caravaggio planned to create seven separate panels to depict the seven works, or acts, of mercy however, he instead combined all the acts into one composition.  Six of the acts of mercy are from the Biblical book of Matthew and the seventh act is from the book of Tobias: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you …..

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Caravaggio and Modern Fashion

You wouldn’t typically think of revolutionary naturalist painter, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, as being one of the artists to inspire today’s modern fashion choices.  However, Caravaggio’s work is an inspiration to today’s painter Christopher Rico and in a discussion with fashion expert Mary Jo Matsumoto he explains his love of Caravaggio and Mary Jo in turn creates a dramatic outfit inspired by Caravaggio’s work.  Read the discussion in the post, Art Inspired: The Entombment of Christ.

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